No more Friday Five

This just in from Heather at the Friday Five:

This is the end of the Friday Five. I know most of you have seen this coming and I appreciate you humoring me. I haven’t enjoyed it for some time now and because of that I can no longer justify the bandwidth. I’m not going to give it away or sell it or bring anyone on to help; Two-and-a-half years is a good run. Let’s let it go.

Thank you to everyone who has participated over the past 2+ years, for taking this silly little idea and running with it. Thanks again to the donators for their generosity and thoughtfulness, and those of you who have emailed me notes of support and encouragement over the last few months.

The notify list will remain as-is, just in case. The archives will remain down since that’s where most of the bandwidth suck has been. Globe of Blogs is not going anywhere, so get your blog listed if you haven’t already.

I, for one, am sorry to see it go.

Heather, should you ever read this, thank you for all that you’ve done over the last two and half years.