Amazing slow-motion video of NYC

New York 2008 [4:20] from Vicente Sahuc on Vimeo.

So how’d they do it?

From the video’s page on Vimeo (including typos):

So this is how I proceded:

The shots were done with the casio EX-F1 at 300 fps and edited at 24 fps. You can’t choose the quality, so you’ll get low definition and strong compression (it’s a 700 euros camera…). I was roller skating, this gave the long and smooth travellings. but the most important thing is the stabilization, I used the Steadicam Merlin for that. It’s really important. The rollers were important but the steadicam is the key (with the slow motion) of the smooth touch.

For the colors, I edited it on Premiere. Transforme the .mov in single frames with Quick Time. And used Photoshop with the “automate” fonction. Then two layers, a black and white and a color with a polaroid effect. Then 50 or 55% opacity on the top layer. And back to a .mov folder with Quik time. And then the sound in Premiere again. But I guess that if you desaturate, contraste and add some yellow on the highlight and midtone, it would be something very close to that.

I think I didn’t forget anything
Thanks again for watching it.